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6 ways to enhace your shoulder

You can reposition, strengthen and stabilize your shoulder. Just by dedicating few minutes doing some (maybe) light workout. Below are 6 ways to enhance your shoulders either for flexibility or stability. Also, they reduce the rate of shoulder injury

This enhances overall core stability of  your shoulder.

Do it: Set yourself lying in a pushup position with arms resting on the floor supporting your upper body, elbows under shoulders and bent 90°. Push up off the elbows, tucking your chin so your head is in line with your body. Hold for a minute.

2. Back Pockets
Back Pockets Shoulder Blade Stretch
This helps the proper movement of the shoulders during lifting.
This is a good way to enhance shoulder mobility
This is a yoga move which enhances the upper body when you stretch out your shoulders, your arms, upper back and neck.
This yoga move enhances the lumbar and cervical spine, and also strengthens the shoulders.

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This is a twisting method that loosens and stretches the muscles in the shoulder and back.

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