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Four ways to stretch your body early in the morning

There are some changes that needs to take place in your life. One of them is your body weight.
Below are four ways to stretch your body in less than 10mins.

1. V-Sit


Seated on a mat, spread your legs wide in front of you. Sit up, don't rest your back on anything and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Slightly bending from the hips and keeping both hands on the floor, reach your hands as far as you can. Each time that you exhale, move your hands out a little further to gradually increase the stretch. Keep this position for 40 seconds

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2. Hurdler


While seated on a yoga mat, spread both legs out in front of you. Lift and turn in your left leg so that your foot is resting against the inside of your right leg. Bending from the hips, reach for your right foot with your right hand. If you can reach your toe, gradually pull it back towards you. To increase the stretch, attempt to lower your torso towards your left leg, once again ensuring that you are bending from the hips. Keep this position for 40 seconds. 

3. Hip Flexor and Quad stret


With a kneel down, step your left foot forward, make sure your knee doesn’t pass your toes. Press your hips forward, still keeping your knees behind your toes. Keeping your torso upright, use your right hand to hold your right foot, so your knee is bent at a 45-degree angle. Keep this position for 40 seconds, breathing deeply throughout. Repeat this stretch on the other side.

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 4. Downward Dog

Placing your hands on your mat both hands apart and slightly further away from the shoulder with your feet firmly placed together on the mat behind you while resting on the balls of your feet in a push-up position. With knees slightly bent, press your heels into the mat and tilt your tailbone upwards. Make space between your shoulders and ears by drawing your shoulder blades down and back. Hold this position for 40 seconds.  

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