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Hot sex styles for 2020

In this 2020, there are somethings you should try out and one of them is sex... Not just sex but a spicy one with different wonderful styles and positions to make it an experience worth it. Imagine making another plan to have sex with the person you hitting while still hitting, something like, "wheeeeeeen wiiiiiiillllll yooooouuuuuu bbbbbeeeeee channnnnnced." Remember you are still hitting it.
Now, below are the different positions and styles to welcome your partner with into 2020, remember you should be 18

1. The Basted Turkey

Finish the event holidays by throwing some towels on the floor, lubricating your naked bodies up with excess massage oil. Take your partner to cloud 9 with an extremely wild, slippery f*ck, leaning down to slide your slick boobs across their chest. Round off the night with a shower and mutual scrub down, then tuck yourselves into bed. Remember, after after sex cuddle is very relevant. 

2. The Plymouth Rock Hard
This may be a bit difficult to do considering the energy needed from both partners, but it is worth giving it a try. Hold yourself over them, bracing yourself on your feet and hands while they thrust up to meet you.

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3. The Naughty Pilgrim

If you really want to be quiet and really really enjooooy your beautiful night sex, this position is best for business, even Grandma won't notice you guys. Thank me later.

4. The Trussed Bird

Before you do this do not eat too much. This position needs more energy most especially from the lady. 

5. Post-feast sex


In this position there is not much job to do, just enjoy yourselves. It is such a hot way to have sex, and you will be blessed if your partner is really really over-blessed down the rod (if you know what I mean). In this case just lie down and be blessed.

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6.Wish Boned
This does not need too much talk. Just imagine cuddling with each other naked, that is what this style is all about. You guys will just enjoy each others' company and body, and make eye contact. This style is for true lovers.

6. Licking the Beater

Just lick your partner to cloud 9 and she will always come back for more. 

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Make sure you enjoy yourself this year, but be careful always put on a rubber


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