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Sexless Marriage

 It is an open secret that a lot of couples don't engage in sex anymore, this means that they are either roommates or enemies-in-arms. Most couples shy away from admitting to it that their marriages have reached a breaking point because their one vital ingredient- sex.

It is very rare these days for a man to look at the wife's butt and make an arousal comment, nor for the wife to tell the husband, "baby, I am horny, and I will like to have sex tonight, what about you?" The truth is, you can't blame them, considering the responsibilities that comes with marriage. When the children starts coming it becomes difficult to take or have sex.

Anyway, there is a solution to sexless marriage, first, whenever the children are on holidays send them to Grand ma, at least for a week, come back home and enjoy your marriage, maybe, rekindle the fire of love and sex in your marriage again. 

If your marriage sex life has entered a point of no return, it behooves on you and your spouse to find solution to it. No outsider can proffer solution to the sexlessness in your marriage.

There is one mistake young couples make that leads to sexless marriage- a very large bed. Couples who use large beds can stay up to two months without sex. This is from my personal experience, when I realized this I told my spouse about the need to change the bed. A large bed will it very difficult for you guys to make up after a fall out. When your bodies are not always in contact while sleeping you begin to think that your spouse is now your roommate. When couples begin to stay in different rooms because of their incompatibility, just forget it, The marriage will be like to enemies staying together without an option.

The solution to sexless marriage is, avoid large beds, always talk dirty (moderately and privately), always eat your wife's food even after a fight, always look attractive to your spouse, know how to strike up conversation- adult related, with your spouse and tell your spouse what you want in bed.  

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