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5 ways to have a flat tummy and sexy thighs

Young women working out in gym
Women workout
Is there any body shape you dream of?  Just work towards it by exercising and eating a healthy diet then the body shape of your dreams will become a reality.  To do this, engage in steady cardiovascular workouts. This will help reduce the fat around the belly section. Meanwhile, to build your thighs, focus on strength training.  

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Eliminate Belly Fat

Young Women Exercising In Nature
Belly fat elimination

To do this, you shouldn't spend hours on the treadmill to achieve the body shape of your dreams. 
Actually, an intensed filled short exercise does the magic (burns belly fat faster) than a grueling long boring workout. For instance, jogging at a pace of 5 miles per hour for 35 minutes eliminates between 240 and 355 of  calories.
You will need to walk at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour for an hour to burn the same amount of calories.

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Running together.
Women workout

Running for a long period of time is not possible except you are destined to be a runner. However, a short intense run will help burn some fat. 

To do this, run as fast as you can, after 40 seconds come down to your jogging pace. Regain your energy for a minute, then get back at it. Try this for about 20 minutes, then relax.

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Build Your Thighs and Burn Fat

Women exercising in aerobics class
Thighs building
At least for three days a week, engage in some type of muscle strengthening activity that focuses on all the muscles in your body from your arms, to shoulders, chest, back, abs and obliques, butt and legs.
To increase the size of your thigh muscles focus on squats, deadlifts, good mornings, hamstring curls, leg extensions, step-ups and lunges.

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Abs Exercises
Training outdoors
Abs exercise

There is no flat tummy without an exercises. However, you do not need to do a lot of it to get a flat tummy or abs. 

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