How To Keep Fit Despite The Coronavirus

As more nations continue to count the number of deaths and recoveries from the most terrible experience of mankind ever, we deemed it fit to do our part by urging you to please stay safe and follow the instructions of your local (health) authority.
However, by staying at home you are likely to get fat and most likely loose fitness. Because of this, we are going to talk about tips on how to keep fit while staying at home. Remember you can add yours on our social media handles at the right hand top corner of our blog. Please don't forget to like and follow us. 
Here are 5 ways to keep fit despite the coronavirus:
1. Purify your Body
The first step to keeping fit is to purify your body of toxic materials.
This is very important because looking healthy on the outside while you're dying on the inside doesn't make sense.
When you purify the body, you become healthier and better. Purifying your body also helps your mind become extremely active.
To purify the body you need to eat fresh food and fruits consistently.

2. Daily Exercise is Necessary
Exercise is a necessity if you really want to keep fit. However, this should be done based on what your body can do.

Regular exercise has a way of keeping us focused on the task ahead and thereby adding positive energy to your body. It also detoxifies and refreshes your body.

However, at least engage in 30-40 minutes of exercise daily.

3. Eating Healthy
Eating healthy is very important. This is to give the body what is needs to function well. 
Keep away from unhealthy foods, too much alcohol and sugary drinks to maintain the balance of power in your body.
Always make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables to energize body.

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4. Get Quality Sleep
In this covid19 era, staying at home has become very necessary, so sleeping won't be out of place.
Sleeping will always set you on the right path. When you sleep your body shuts down to rest and within minutes of waking up you will discover the movement of activities taking place in your body. That is the body calmly getting back to work.

Also, when you sleep your brain plans ahead of the following day or the next task. That is why you become very fast at executing plans immediately you wake up.

5. Drink Enough Water
There is nothing on earth that can replace water. Water purifies the body. 
To have a proper functioning body you need constant hydration by drinking at least 15 glasses of water on a daily basis.

Stay safe!

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