How to lose weight and keep it in 3 ways

Exercise the mind

How to slim and keep it
Exercise the mind

Nothing occupies the mind of an individual at new year's eve than the thought of making more money and  losing weight. Though, we are just three months into 2020- with the covid19 not helping matters, have you kept the promise you made to yourself (not financially) in terms of weight loss this year.
The truth is, your financial goals for the year (2020) will likely not be meant, but your weight loss goals should be on track. Don't forget you are likely to be over weight staying at home this year.

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Nothing competes with an exercise
How to lose weight and keep it
Exercise is key

 Actually, despite our disdain for weight gain we just can't deny the fact that our society gives us more reasons to gain weight than to lose weight, with the exquisite diets and luxury lifestyle of our world.

People have grown so lazy that going out for a run has become difficult that is why we see people going for the "safest way to lose weight"- which is diet for weight loss.

The truth is, going out for a run remains the best way to lose weight and keep it for a lifetime. Though, dieting is good, exercise with dieting is better.

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Be Flexible

How to lose weight and keep it
Flexibility is key

Flexibility here means to be careful of what goes into your month. Also, it also means, being ready to increase your workout schedule to burn out the excess calories that may be stuck in your body.
It equally means, carefully planning your food for a period of time and stick to your food plan. Regardless of what comes your way, knowing what to eat, and how you schedule your exercise routine remember losing weight, and keeping it, is more important than losing it. 
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