The year 2020 started off on a terrifying note. Considering the Coronavirus or covid19 pandemic which has ravaged the world in every sphere of life from politics to business, education and the most affected of them all- the  health  sector.

 However, we are not going to dwell on the global impact of covid19- that is  already a global knowledge. We are going to focus on how you can keep in shape during this trying period of our lives. Most especially those who will start their first ever workout session either in the gym or at home. Below are three important ways to start;

1. Mind What You Wear
 To workout, you need to make sure you are comfortable in the your outfit.
Don’t get yourself so uncomfortable because you want to appear sexy during your workout session. Just go for what suits you comfortably. Your outfit will also help you get the job done faster than expected with results to show for it.

2. Set a Realistic Goal 
Setting a very realistic goal will do you a lot of good. For every accomplishment in life there was a carefully structured plan which was carefully followed.
Before you go ahead to set your fitness goals you should consider professional assistance from a nutritionist and a professional trainer.


3. Start Now
The man who waited to start tomorrow what he could have started today will accomplish nothing in life.
Start today. Don’t wait for the situation to be perfect before you start. There's never a perfect time. Just start even if you are starting with simple stretches, it’s still better than waiting for the perfect time that will never come. 

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