Photo by Karl Solano

Push up is the most common exercise one can engage in. Anybody can do it anywhere and in any form. You may have seen some people play games with it.
Push up does a lot of things to the body such as enhancing the shoulders. It also, improves the cardiovascular system of the body. We can not dispute the fact that some people can not engage themselves in push ups. It is not because they don't wish to do it, it is just that they do not have the endurance to keep up with it.

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1. It Improves Your Cardiovascular Region

We all know that push ups have serious positive effect on the body. One of which is that, it improves the cardiovascular system. It does this because when you engage yourself in push ups, the starts to work extremely hard to send an oxygen filled blood to the muscle tissues. When you do this, the heart will healthy and strong.

2. Strengthens Your Shoulders

Push ups have a way of strengthening the shoulders. This is to give them stability and strength. Another thing push ups does to the shoulders is to protect them from injuries. Older people are very prone to getting injured on the shoulder. This injury occurs more in the joints. To lower the possibility of getting injured in the shoulder you should constantly engage yourself in push up exercises.

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3. For Your Posture

How strong and healthy your shoulder is, says a lot about your posture. Push ups play an important role in your quest to have a proper posture.
To have a proper posture you need strong muscles, and these strong muscles give strength to your shoulders. To get your posture right, you need to be consistent in your push up exercises.

4. It Is Very Affordable

To engage in push ups you don't need to sign up with any gym nor do you need an instructor on it. Also, push ups can be done by anybody anywhere. Though, push ups don't cost a thing, you really need to be very consistent in it for you to see the result on your body.