Trying to lose weight can be an emotional effort that might lead to terrible ideas about losing weight resulting in negative health status for the individual involved. It is a known fact that when people are desperate to get a solution to their problem, they do unthinkable things. In the words of Michelle May, a mindful eating teacher and the founder of Am I Hungry? "People get so concerned about weight loss that it makes them more than willing to take unproven and dangerous things that can backfire and lead serious health challenges."
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 However, rizhealth have listed three ways that can lead to disaster when trying to lose weight and they are:

Heaven on Earth Supplements

We all have either heard or seen the "before and after" pictures all over the neighborhood and the net. We all have at least stopped once to either think about or look at these pictures. The truth is, most of (if not all) these supplements have serious health implications. If you really want to lose weight just stick to your doctor's advice.

 Fasting Or Starving

Fasting as well all know is a religious affair, however, we are not going into that. To be honest not everybody can fast. If you know that you can't fast and you go-ahead to do it, just know that you are starving yourself, and if this continues then it will be on record that you starved your way to weight loss. Also, this can lead to a serious reduction of calories which results in lack of nutrients in the body. This finally leads to a sharp rise in risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. 

Cleanses or Detox Plans

Taking supplements for body cleansing without a doctor's prescription is suicidal. These supplements aid in the loss of body fluid which the body does on its own. According to Michelle, "Losing lots of fluid without prescription is very risky, and when combined with fasting, is terrible." She continued by saying "Your body has it's own way of removing toxins. However, supplemental cleansing is not good for you, because it can damage your body, instead drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fiber."
Eating healthy is very important if you really want to enjoy life. Avoiding unnecessary additions like supplements is also very important, if you must lose weight do it the natural way, which is to engage yourself in an exercise.