Where can the body go without the legs? 
The legs are very important to the human body. Let me ask you, "how do you take of your legs?" The truth is, what many people don't know is that the lower body ought to be trained or I would say worked on.

Below we have listed four ways to work on your legs to make them stronger:

Single Leg Squats

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Single Leg Squats will make your Legs tougher. This it will do by strengthening both your quads and hamstrings.Your hamstrings will be fully active and engaged as you lower your body. As you raise your body up, your quads will respond to your body movement as well.
To Do This 
Place a leg back, then go way down until your butt touches the ground. Make sure all your weight can be carried by your front leg. Repeat same on the other leg.

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Jump- Squat

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Jumping is a very serious form of exercise which pays off by being consistent in applying a lot of pressure to your legs through jumping.

To Do This

Keep your feet away from each other in a way you can jump as high as your can. With your feet firmly rooted to the ground, push your hips back, jump up with a single motion. This exercise will work on your leg effectively, and it really get your heart rate up to normal. This is an exercise for the leg and also, a cardiovascular way to workout.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Image by Garage Gym Builder

Now is the right time to go hard on those legs. The Bulgarian split squat will stretch the leg behind at the same time strengthen your front leg by putting all your weight on your front leg.

To Do This
You can a grab dumbbells or weights to increase the difficulty and efficiency of this exercise. Place a leg on a flat surface, maybe a chair, bed, or a bench, and go down as low as possible. Drive vertically upward so that one foot is off the floor. Repeat until you finish all of your reps on one side, then repeat on the other leg.

Pistol Squats

Image by Breaking Muscle

My dear there is no way Pistol Squats will be missing on this list.  This extraordinary type of exercise will truly test your mentality balance, flexibility, and mobility.

To Do This
By placing your leg at 90-degree angle. While sitting as low as you can squeeze your leg as tight as possible. From there, drive upward using only your leg that is on the ground. Then repeat on the other leg.

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