How To Lose Weight Without Dieting And Exercise


Losing weight can be very stressful and difficult at times, but at rizhealth, we are going to show to you the easy way to lose weight without stressing yourself and we promise you it is going to be fun all the way most especially if you follow the instructions below:

1. Eat More Of Protein

 It is a known fact that protein helps in human growth, reduces hunger and has lesser calories when compared with grains.
A certain study discovered that eating protein based foods as breakfast everyday helps lose at least 11 pounds in the course of 12 weeks (Source).

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2. Eat Foods Rich In Fiber

It has been proven that fiber intake is very good for the body. Also, viscous fiber being one of the different types of fiber is very important for weight loss (Source).
Viscous fiber could be seen in plant foods such as beans, oat cereals, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges and flax seeds.

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3. Avoid Sugar Intake

A lot of people are seriously cutting down on their sugar intake ranging from drinks to their favorite chocolate. It is very tempting and easy to have intakes of  drinks with excess sugar, but it is also important to caution yourself of the dangers associated with it.
Keeping away from the intake of  sugary drinks and foods has a lasting positive health implications on your body.

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4. Regular Intake Of Water

Drinking enough water has proven to be very vital in weight loss. According to Study  drinking at least half a liter of water 20-25 minutes before meals helps you eat less and also reduces your calorie intake (Source).
Also, according to this same study  if you consistently drink water instead of sugary drinks you are likely to feel much better.

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    1. Thank you Robyn. We are happy that you found this (blog) post informative. Please do well by taking action.