Photo by Leandro Boogalu

There is a huge possibility you may not know cancer (not all) can be prevented to a certain level if you consistently engage yourself in exercise. What you may know is that exercise does many things to the well being of the human body of which weight loss is of one them. According to a research conducted by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, this research indicated that exercise reduces the risk of developing at least 13 different types of cancer.

However, we are going to focus on 3 types of cancer and how to prevent them through exercise and other means.


Honestly nobody wants to develop cancer. Though, we can't point at certain ways we can get cancer, but we can do some certain things to prevent us from developing cancer. One of them is to quit smoking or don't  smoke at all. This reduces the chances of developing either lung or liver cancer. Also, leading a moderate lifestyle which includes eating clean and taking care of your weight through exercise can reduce your chances of developing this type of cancer at least by 50% .


This is the leading cancer affecting women all over the world. 
According to a resarch, women who engage in exercises reduce their chances of developing cancer by 12%. 
Engaging in regular workout or exercise as the case maybe, reduces the estrogen levels in the blood which in turn reduces the chances  developing breast cancer.

Also, according to Robert Steigerwald, a licensed clinical exercise physiologist and certified cancer exercise trainer in Huntington, New York, "postmenopausal breast cancer is very likely for overweight and obese women." According to him, this is because as the body mass index goes up, so does the risk.


According to Robert, as you grow in age you should engage yourself more in exercise. This is because, your chances of developing colorectal cancer reduces by 24% if you are consistent with exercise.

Exercise isn't only to be fit or tone your body to a certain shape. Exercise plays an important role in your being healthy. At rizhealth we encourage to at least engage yourself in any form of exercise at least 3 times a week.