How To Run Faster In 6 Ways

Photo by Leandro Boogalu

When you see athletes run on tracks you might believe it is easy to do same or you are likely to believe that they are magicians considering the way athletes like Usain Bolt dash to the finish line and wait for the rest to meet up. Unfortunately the Olympic games won't hold this year due to the covid19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do some practice. Rizhealth have written down 6 ways to run faster below.

1. Learn to run

Just like in everything we do, we also learn to run. To learn how to run we must practice it. This means keeping the body and ,mind relaxed, following your trainer's instructions and most importantly, being able to swing your arms at a very pace.  

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2. Always do short sprints at intervals

Have you ever wondered while athletes do short sprints of 15 to (maybe) 40 meters before the main event? It is very simple, they do that to accelerate better.

3. Alternate your pace

This means pace from sprinting to jogging and vice versa. When you do this, you are slowly and steadily building not just your speed but also your endurance levels.

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4. Lose weight

Losing weight is vital to keeping up with the pace as a runner. Weight loss  is key if you really want to cross the finish line and wait for the others to meet up.

5. Look ahead

Just like in everything we do on earth, keep your eyes and head in front. Focus on what is ahead forget about the rest. The result is more important than everything else.

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6. Keep the tempo on

Be consistent with your speed. This means if you start today with a high tempo make sure to maintain it, do not drop it. Instead, look for ways to overcome challenges that might make you slow down. Always remember life is filled with challenges but you have to be strong to win.  

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