How you can find the right pediatrician for your baby

This is a very sensitive topic most new or about to be moms face in the most critical time of the lives. Before we continue, it is important that we let you know that we are going to use "he, his or him" to refer to the pediatrician. This is for easy usage and we don't in anyway intend to be biased or insensitive to our dear moms, and we apologize if you find our choice of words offensive. 

A lot of people seek advice from friends, family and colleagues on who should be their baby's pediatrician. This is in no way wrong. You are actually leveraging on their own experience. While some make their choice of pediatrician based on what they hear on radio, see on tv and the internet. For some, it is who they already know. 

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It is best to make your choice of a pediatrician before childbirth. This is to be able to get to know him and his qualities before you give birth. In turn, the pediatrician will get to know you, your family and any other thing that will be relevant to the health of your unborn baby. 

There are some important reasons why you should a prenatal info of the pediatrician you want for  your baby;
1. The location of his office is important. If his office is far from your home you might want to reconsider, you will not want to embark on a journey in case of an emergency.

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2. His availability is important. You should know if his partners or associates can be reached if he is not available. You might also want to know how reachable his phone might be in case of emergency. 

3. You should also know if there is this air of positivity around him. Can he understand you without making much out of it.

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4. Is he up-to-date with current changes. In order words, is he dynamic in nature.

5. Discuss his fee, don't feel embarrassed to know his fee. Remember he is not doing you a favour, you are paying for his service.  

Remember, the the health of your (unborn) baby is very important. Make the right choice.  

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  1. This is very helpful. I didn't look for a pediatrician before I got my baby but then I got someone that was recommended by the hospital and it turn out to be a great one

  2. these are such great tips, will have to look back after i have a baby:)

  3. These are great tips, especially for new parents. Finding a good doctor for your child is really important, but it's more involved that people realize.

  4. Nice read! I bet it helps for new parents

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing these tips. I am not yet married yet but I would like to married soon and have kids. I will keep these tips in mind for it will be helpful with me in the future.

  6. I remember that we changed pediatricians several times when my daughter was a baby until we found the one we really liked. It's so important to find a good doctor!

  7. i had the best pediatrician as a child. so grateful for Dr. Saul. Location is key! you don't want to be going all over town to bring your baby to the doctor due to an earache.

  8. What wonderful suggestions, I’ll have to remember this if I need one

  9. I think in this case, a good recommendation from a trustworthy friend, who caters the services of the pediatrician matters most. It is hard to entrust your kid to someone you don't know (even professional).

  10. thank you so much for this. I have a few good doctor friends, and I always ask for their recommendations. :)

  11. These are such a great tips that every parents should be consider. As a parent, we need to find a good and right doctor for our kids.

  12. This is so good. I’m pregnant with baby #3 and boy how much we regretted not spending time picking out a pediatrician first!