When To Exercise After Child Birth

Light Workout

Motherhood is a thing of joy to every woman. The truth is that the first few months after child birth are the busiest in the life of the woman. This is because during the first few months; the baby will be breast fed a lot of times in a day, if there is no nanny around changing the diapers becomes the responsibility of the parents. Is it the scary laundry schedule or the baby's unlimited cries that will always keep sleep away from you most especially at night. All these are not in anyway meant to insert fear into your life but to walk you through what the first few months of child birth looks like before you can consider exercise after child birth. 

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Slowly Get Back

Women who engage themselves in exercises know that you can't just walk your way back to fitness. You have to slowly do that. In this case, your doctor's advice becomes the ultimate guideline to your path to fitness. This guideline can depend on some factors, one of which will be the mode of delivery. This can be either vaginal delivery or C-section. 
Another, factor is your general state of health. After child birth, your doctor will examine you to know your health status and give you guidelines on what next to do- that is when to start and how to start, maybe he is likely to advice you against starting at all at least for sometime. 

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Workout Softly

Postpartum exercise isn't something you should go right into with full force. You have to start by taking a short walk around the block. Lightly stretching your body in the morning and night (before going to bed). Maybe, as time goes on you can then go into light weight. 
Remember, you are to take it easy, slowly and softly until your body heals and is ready for serious workouts. 

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Your Pelvic Region Needs You

The pelvic region is very important for pregnancy and birth delivery. After birth delivery, this region becomes extremely weak and will need time to recover. Also, your doctor or fitness trainer is in the right position to advice you on the type of exercise you should engage in during your postpartum days. This is to avoid engaging in exercises that are likely to damage your body. 

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Listen To Your Body

Your postpartum days can be very tricky. This is because your body can come up with different signs which will definitely have different meanings. However, you should always inform you doctor whenever you notice anything on your body. Sometimes you need time to recover from the stress you passed through during delivery and these signs might mean that your body needs rest

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