Why You Should Back To Work After Child Birth

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A lot of  new mothers look forward to starting work 6 weeks after child delivery.  There are some who don't want to go back at least for 3 months. Whatever the case maybe; there are some factors that will lead to a final decision.

Economic Reasons

This doesn't need much introduction. We have seen the economic impact of covid19 (corona virus) on the world economy. The effect has been felt in all sectors of human life.
No new mum would risk staying idle for more than 6 weeks in this trying times. The truth is after this covid19 pandemic, bills will be paid, your children (if you already are a mother) will have to go back to school. This does not in anyway put the family's economic needs only the mother. However, it is just to give reasons why new mothers are determined to get back to work after child birth.
To be honest with you a good number of new mothers would prefer to stay at home than to go back to work, but unfortunately they can't.

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 A lot of women will not entertain the thought of being a stay at home mum, so that is why they prefer to go out and chase their dreams. Mind you, the choice of the mother remains the best both for herself and the baby, remember if the mother is happy she gives her best to the baby.

Though, the mother knows what she wants, she should also discuss with the baby's father (her husband) about what she has in mind.

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External Pressures

These days a lot of people take care from people outside their homes either through the television, radio or by one on one discussion. Sometimes, this works for the family, sometimes it doesn't.

New mothers aren't exempted from this. The pressure to not be a stay at home mother will be much on them and they are likely to give in.

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However, being a mum is a great thing, but after child birth it is best to know what works for you and do it, if you need someone to take care of your baby while you go to work you might consider inviting grandma over or getting a reliable housekeeper.

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