Bodybuilding for the chest

To build a chest you have to go big and powerful. You might ask, what do I mean by "go big and powerful." The truth is, to build a chest is no joke you've got to be ready for it mentally and physically. Starting your chest building with bench press done on a flat bench is key to building the momentum you need to keep going.   

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1. Incline Bench Press

The shoulder-joint muscles are heavily involved in this.

To Do This

  • Lie on an incline bench set at approximately a 30-45-degree angle. Spread your legs slightly with your feet flat on the floor to maintain balance. Your body parts like your head, shoulders and hips should be on the bench.
  • Grab a barbell firmly. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Unrack the bar and bring it down to your upper chest, then inhale and hold your breath as you press the weight upward.

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2. The Maxed Out Muscle Workout: Chest

You need to have a firm grip on the barbell

To Do This
  • You need to set your bench at 45 degrees
  • You are to lay faced up with your feet secured under the rollers.

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4. Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press 

The shoulder an the arms are heavily involved in this.

To Do This

  • Face up as you lay on a flat bench. Your knees should be 90 degrees bent while your feet is firmly placed on the floor.
  • While holding the dumbbells firmly make sure that they are directly above your chest.
  •  Breath in and then hold your breath as you lower the weights. 

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  1. Nice videos here, being at home involves a lot more home gymming - very useful tips!

    1. You are welcome frugal... Body building can also be done at home