Plank workouts to loose belly fat (videos)

Image: Li Sun

Do you know that a lot of people have already gotten fat as a result of this lockdown? When you keep people at home and they are not allowed to step their feet outside their homes they will turn their attention to food. When these people eat they get fat. Have noticed that since governments allover the world began to relax their various lockdown protocols, people started to engage themselves in various forms of workout.

Today, we are going to see how plank workouts (if done properly) will help you loose belly fat. It also, it stabilizes your hips, legs and tones the abs. It also, builds your body balance and enhances your posture. As a beginner, take it gently. Don't rush it, you can start by staying on it for at least 20 seconds as time goes on you can begin to increase your time on it.

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