Riz Health Advocates For Mental Health Awareness Week

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Mental health awareness could mean the ability of one to intentionally seek to know the state of his mental health. It is the ability to know if the brain is still functional or if it has digressed.

Are you aware that 2 out of 8 Americans are struggling with mental issues? Are you also aware that this year's theme is KINDNESS?  In this year's mental health awareness week (18-24 May) we are going to highlight the various causes of mental illness.

Rizhealth will never state a problem without providing the solutions. Mental illness could be caused by economic factors, a not so well treated sickness, dwelling in a negative past and loneliness.

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Economic Factors

The truth is that this year's mental health awareness will touch delicate issues about us. The reason for this, is the covid19 (coronavirus) has affected the economies of countries all over the world and the uncertainty of the post covid19 era is likely to worsen the situation. You might ask why are we bringing in the economic factors to mental illness. Look at it this way, when you have bills to pay but no money to pay them you will agree with rizhealth that that is a terrible situation to be in.

To solve this problem, you will have to cut down your expenses, reduce your accumulation of bills on your part. Give yourself time to pay off your debts; to do this you have to either change your job or get ready to work for longer hours for sometime, you should also maintain a low expenses life style until you are debt free. The goal is to get out of debt.

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A Not So Well Treated Sickness

During our recent research in some parts of Africa, we discovered that some 'temporary' mental illness were caused by malaria sickness which was not well treated. This could be as a result of not adhering strictly to the doctor's instruction, not having the money to go to the hospital for proper treat and taking drugs not related to the particular sickness- this in itself is the most dangerous.

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Dwelling In A Negative Past

A lot of us have had a very terrible experience in the past that we tend to shiver whenever we remember it. Some have moved on from it while some have continued to dwell on past. Dwelling on the past will likely lead to depression faster than the lack of money.

You have let the past go. Look on the bright side, focus more on the future and move on with your life.

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Man by nature is very social this means that man was created to associate with his fellow man here on earth. Being lonely is not in your best interest. This is because, loneliness can lead to depression. It can also lead to mental issues; let's imagine you have nobody to talk to about a very disturbing topic, you will have on other option but to bottle it up in your mind and when you continue to do this you surely end up as a mental patient.

In our next post on mental health awareness, we will look into the challenges of mental health patients and how they can overcome these challenges. Talk to a trusted fellow  

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  1. We have to be aware of our mental health and how we can improve it. As well as we have to be aware about people that have mental illnesses and we have to acknowledge them and take care of them.

  2. Mental illness is so important to treat and to raise awareness of. So many people are suffering now more than ever with this pandemic. It's important that we help others get through this. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I love that the theme this year is kindness. If people could realize that you never know who is suffering and just be kind to everybody regardless of what that person is going through, the world could be a better place. Mental illness is seldom visible.

  4. loneliness can lead to depression. I have a lot of friends are alone right now because they cant go out because of the stay at home orders. Hope they are doing well during this pandemic

  5. I think we are going to see a lot of depression this year, so hopefulla a post like yours will help someone :)

  6. This is such an important topic to be tackle most especially this time that we are facing a health war like COVID19. I am sure that many people are having issue about it because some of us are getting stress, some of us are losing their jobs,some of us are losing their loved ones and they thought they lose their freedom because of being lockdown. I wish that each one of us help each other to overcome this issue. Keep safe everyone and stay positive.

  7. Mental health is so important , and i am glad to read that so many poeple are talking about it , as the more we talk the better and more ok mental health will become kind regards Pati Robins @ style squeeze blog

  8. Good Post. Mental health is a serious concern now with stress of work or pressure in personal life. Awareness is very important and to ensure we keep following the ways to improve our mental happiness.

  9. loneliness can definitely lead to depression. as someone who has several chronic illnesses, i have had long spurts of loneliness and it has made such a difference having a friend reach out.

  10. Mental Health Awareness is so important. We often neglect it. It's really timely especially during the pandemic.

  11. This topic is very important nowadays. Optimal mental health is significant in all aspects of life. Great post, very informative and helpful.

  12. Thus is a difficult time for so many people especially those who live paycheck to paycheck. Getting mental health support is imperative and teleconferencing is one way to get help from a mental health provider.
    Elizabeth O

  13. Mental Health Awareness is really important. Let's not let it get worse and get rid of it, Especially this time of pandemic.

  14. So happy that you are posting something for mental health awareness week. We need more knowledge of this in the world!

  15. Thank you for sharing and help spread awareness about this topic. Mental Health is important and should be talked about.

  16. Good thought to ponder over. These are trying times and good mental health so very essential. Many fail to understand why they feel depressed and hence are unable to tackle it effectively.