Unique Tips For New Dads

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Every newborn baby needs the intimate, loving care of the mother and father. Unfortunately, a lot of newborn babies only have the intimacy, love, and affection of their mothers. To be very honest there are genuine reasons for the absence of the fathers. However, this article does not and will not promote the absence of either parent in the upbringing of a baby.

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During the postpartum period, most fathers seem to be lost in the scheme of things, most especially with the attention placed on the mother and baby.  Most fathers seem to forget that they are the rock of the mother and child. This is because during the postpartum period (in the midst of all the attention) the new mother needs the care, love, and affection of her husband to pull through this healing period. A father who full responsibility for the wellbeing of the mother and baby will help reduce the strain pregnancy might have placed on the family pre-birth. Also, a father's embracing attitude towards the mother and baby will make it possible for the father to play an active role in the upbringing of the baby.

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Also, during and after the postpartum period, there are chances that there will be an unintended rivalry between the father and the baby. Considering that all attention will be on the mother and most especially the baby, a father (who is not emotionally stable) might start acting out, some may consider getting a girlfriend, some may pay less attention to issues surrounding the baby, and all these are likely to affect the relationship between the couples. This happens because the father might feel neglected and it takes an emotionally stable man to understand that there should be no unintended rivalry.

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As a mother, when you tactically involve your husband in the daily chores of infant rearing such as; feeding, bathing, and changing diapers there are chances that the father will gladly do them. Not only will he gladly do them, but the feeling of rivalry between him and his new baby will also be totally eliminated, as he will feel like a father.

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Actually, there should be a sensible limit to a father's participation.  That a father should be involved in the upbringing of the child doesn't mean that if he comes back from work late at night he should be made to stay awake to feed the baby. The most important thing is for him to play an active role in the upbringing of the baby. A father's involvement can also give the mother some space to follow her own course in life. An experienced and competent father will take care of his baby when the mother is not around. This act gives the woman full confidence and trust in her husband.

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  1. Sometimes the mother stays home to take care of the baby and the father has to provide and go out to work. That moment of absence makes them a little bit distance from the new borns.

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  3. Here in the Philippines we have a 14 day paternity leave where the father can have a 14 day paid leave to take care of the baby.

  4. I have nothing to complain here In canada we get 5 week off paid and it all went well when we got our two babies. I know we were lucky ones because my sister's baby didn't sleep the nights for over two years she was really exhausted.

  5. creepy. fyi a "new (1) chat" popup surfaced on your site for a sex ad. on a newborn/new father post. gross.

    1. Thank you Joyous Living, we are working on it

  6. My company offers paternity leave for fathers to be with the child and mother. Its really needed to strengthen the bonding right from an early age. Fathers also like to be a part of their child's journey. Lovely post, you have put forward not only what a father should do but also how to be patient with a new born's father who has to attend office during the early years of his child.

  7. The dad's involvement and bonding with the baby is super important! Thanks for a perfectly put together article.

  8. I wish I had this article when my brother became dad. He was all stuck. But this is a very good and helpful article about all new fathers.

  9. It's helpful to read some tips and guides for new daddies! Also, take time to spend more time with your new child. Learn from experience as they say!

  10. This is so needed! So with my first child my husband got 4 weeks off and it was amazing. He never got it since!