A couple having an important discussion. Photo: Jack Sparrow

Premarital examination means different things to different people. To a lot of people it is about the blood test and a warm handshake meaning; congratulations you are good. What they don't get is that premarital examination goes beyond blood tests. It also involves a thorough body examination which also includes genital organ examination, honest talk with your doctor about your sexual orientation, and reproduction. Sometimes, these discussions can include marital advice or counseling. A premarital examination is not only about the body. It also has a lot to do with the mind.

The problem with a lot of couples is that they shy away from having a heart to heart discussion about their sexual orientations talk more about involving an outsider in this case the doctor. It is the duty of the husband (to be) to understand the way the female body works. The husband (to be) should at least understand that the female body is slowly aroused sexually. He should also understand that the female body needs tender care because of its delicate nature. Meanwhile, he should know that it takes time and patience to understand the female body.

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These days sex awareness has been at an all-time high since the boom of the internet. However, during the premarital examination, the couple should be made to understand that to enjoy sex in marriage needs a lot of hard from the couples. This is because there is no guarantee that all your sexual fantasies will likely come through in the early days of marriage. If you guys just got married (though you might have known each other for a long time) you will realize that you need to get used to some new things, and this will affect your sexual life with your partner, and will likely take weeks, months sometimes even years before you can have total body satisfaction.

During this premarital examination, you will understand the importance of communication. Couples are always advised to discuss with each other in all things. Like we stated in the second paragraph, a lot of couples in this 21st century still shy away from having a heart to heart discussion on their sexual orientation and this has torn some many families apart. Do not discuss any sexual matter with the boys at work instead discuss with your partner and you guys should be ready to meet each other halfway. Also, major problem men do face is premature ejaculation. This is mostly a result of a lack of confidence and control. However, with time, patience, work (from both partners), and understanding of both partners there will be an improvement that will control and bring to an end the premature ejaculation.

In our next post, we will give you reasons why you should not have a sex plan with your partner and the benefits of having a heart to heart discussion with your partner.