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In this 21st century, kids have become extremely smart and in most cases smarter than their parents, and this has made a lot of parents always stand on their toes. How a lot of new parents are finding it very difficult to adjust to the realities of what I will call the "jet age."
These new parents grew up in a heavily controlled home, but these days a lot seem to have changed, starting from social media, television shows (which are mostly erotic), friends, and the unending contents they have on their phones. With all these, being a (new) parent means a lot more responsibilities and needs you to be very skillful.

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However, below are tactical ways that help you be a very good parent to your children

1. You Should Be a Good Role Model
Like we stated earlier, kids these days are way too smart (if not smarter) for you to outsmart them. As a parent, you should act out the script you want your children to follow. When kids see their parents behave in a certain way they begin to think that that is the right way to behave. They may not start to imitate immediately, but one thing is certain, they will behave like you soon.

2. Your Kids Need You
We all know of parents who hardly stay at home maybe you, my beloved reader is equally guilty of this, or probably you think you may soon be guilty of this. When you make it a habit to always come home before your kids go to bed- maybe have dinner with them where you'll get to know their pressing needs challenges and worries. For you to know all these you'll have to create time for your children which includes playing with them, disciplining them when they err.
Discipline is very important because a disciplined family translates into a disciplined society. Also, when you have time for your children you'll get to know the type of friends they keep and advise them accordingly. Remember, kids will always appreciate your time with them.

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3. Be Part Of Your Kid's Development
As kids grow a lot of things begin to grow with them, for instance, they begin to grow public hairs, breasts. At a time their hygiene will likely get the back seat in the scheme of things. Suddenly, they begin to be curious about the opposite sex and sex life.
Obviously, when are these begin to happen that means your children have grown into the puberty age- they are now teens. Now is a time you need to draw yourself closer to your kids make them trust you enough to tell you their secrets and give them the assurance that their secrets are safe with you. When your kids tell you their secret with the assurance that it is safe with you, it boosts their confidence. It gives them the courage to set goals and work hard to achieve them. 

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4. Don't Be A Partial Parent
If you have two or more children you will notice subtle or a full-blown out rivalry between or amongst your children. As a parent how you handle this situation will always define your family for generations to come. You will have to be tactical enough to make both parties satisfied following an argument. Also, you will have to share things equally between your children when you do that, let them know that you love them equally, be consistent in this pattern throughout your life and you will build a formidable partnership amongst your children.