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Losing weight has a lot to do with belly fat. When you add weight the first place that indicates that is the belly. Imagine going on a date only to put on your beautiful shirt to see a large poping belly saying hi to your face. Naaah! You don't want that. Remember, a big belly ain't any good to the health.

Anyway, let's not waste your time, below are five clear and simple ways for you to burn some belly fat. Have fun and be consistent in it

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1. Bosu Ball Planks

To be honest with you this is more tasking than the normal planking you may be familiar with. However, your body will feel its effect.

2. Sprawls

This not only burns some belly fat. It also tones your body and also gives you that perfect shape. To me, this is a burpee that went to college (no disrespect to burpee lovers out there).

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3. Burpees

This is perfect for your body, most especially for your cardiovascular region. It balances and broadens your shoulder. Being consistent in this exercise helps your heart pump enough blood.

4. Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

If you really want to have your endurance level tested, this should give you a head start. This races your heart rate up whenever you take the ball over your head.

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5. Mountain Climbers

This gets your muscles all fired up. It pushes you beyond the limit, make no mistake about it, this is a planking position on the move.

Caution: Always seek your doctor's advice before you engage in any physical activity.