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As a beginner in the world of fitness, there are five (5) components of physical fitness you should know and understand before you start your fitness training.         
They are:

Cardiovascular Endurance
Body Composition
Muscular Strength
Muscular Endurance

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    Being fitness could be linked to the ability of the body to work at an optimum level in all the components that makes up physical fitness. However, we are going to carefully analyze each of the components to help you understand better how they work and they can be achieved.

    1. Cardiovascular endurance: In this component, the heart and lungs perform greatly to make available the required oxygen that helps to stabilize the body during workouts or exercises such as swimming, riding a bike, and jogging.

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    2. Body composition: This is the number of fat mass in comparison to the lean muscle mass- the organs and the bone. To get the exact figures in their differences it is important to use the right measuring pieces of equipment such as the bioelectrical impedance, underwater weighing, and skinfold readings.

    3. Muscular strength: This is the amount of force a muscle can make. Good examples of exercises that can extract force from the muscle are the bench press, leg press, or bicep curl. Also, the push-up is great at extracting from the muscle.

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    4. Muscular endurance: This is when the muscle can consistently provide force without getting weak. Cycling and sit-ups are good examples of muscular endurance.

    5. Flexibility: This is the ability to tactically reach one part of the body from another in a way that may seem impossible or dangerous.