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The year has gone more half- actually, this is July 2020, can you remember the promises you made this year? Let's be specific, can you remember the fitness goals you made at the start of this year to no other person but yourself? If you can, how has the journey been, has it been tough, have you kept to that promise you made to yourself?

If your answer(s) to the questions above is YES just give yourself a clap. However, in this article, we are going to talk about how to make getting fit a lifestyle. Getting fit shouldn't be like war, it should be fun, or a lifestyle- doing what you love. Whenever fitness becomes a lifestyle; it becomes easy for one to adapt to the daily workout routine being dished out to you by your fitness trainer. Also, it becomes easy to take up challenges, you become more energized to do more and also you look forward to the next challenges. 

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Lifestyle Is More Than Your Looks

When a health and fitness topic is raised a lot of people think it is only about the body looks. That is not so, health and fitness is more life than beauty. If you have good health you can do anything- physically or mentally.

For instance, engaging in a workout at least three times a week (considering your ability) could be a lifestyle. It shouldn't be mandatory but by choice. Neither should you jettison the things you love doing because you want to get fit or lose some weight.

However, below are five (5) ways getting fit can become a lifestyle.

1. Engage In That Workout You Find Joy Doing

Workouts can be tiring and very stressful, and these are the reasons why people quit going to the gym. However, you mustn't engage in all the types of workouts to get fit. Just pick that exercise you find joy doing and focus on it with happiness and consistency, and you definitely see changes. Remember, it shouldn't be painful, but enjoyable.

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2. Have Patience

Good things always take time to manifest. However, make absolutely sure that you enjoy the process, don't put yourself under stress, but keep doing what you have to do.

3. Eat What Makes You Happy

When people start fitness programs they stop eating what makes them happy. Hey, I don't do that, but I don't go all creamy in my food. I do ask myself for how long can I continue to avoid my favorite foods just because I am trying to either get into shape or fit. There is no joy in getting fit and unhappy because you don't eat what makes you happy.

4. There Is No Competition

I have always believed that competition only exists in business and no other place. Don't start a fitness program because your friends are getting into it, or because that is the trend, no. Start a fitness program because that is what you need to do for your wellbeing.

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5. Stay Motivated

Motivation is for people who work. So as you start your fitness program, do other things that also make you happy, eat fruits, enjoy your work, be happy in your relationship, take care of your family, read books and don't forget to make money.