Bodybuilding Squat Workout
Image by Li Sun

Whenever you hear of "squatting" what comes to your mind?
Bodybuilding has been part of human physical fitness or human body development. Either way, you want to look at it you can't just remove in workouts. Squatting is amongst the topmost result-oriented workouts in human history. It takes time for one to master it most especially if you are just starting on it. Just take it easy on yourself, learn from your instructors, start with the small weights as you progress you take on the big weights.

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Things You Should Know

The number one you should know is that you should learn how to position your backside. Your backside positioning helps balance both your head and spine. In addition to that, your spine will leverage on your balanced backside to stabilize as you squat. As you squat do not look down nor should you bend your head backward, your head should be stood erect. A power rack is the most efficient method of engaging in a squat.

A lot of folks use a towel when lifting the bar, I guess this on its own is very risky. This is because you will battle with some sort of uncertainty as you lift the weight before you stabilize, and a lot may happen during the short battle.

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In our previous post,  4 Ways Push Ups Will Make You healthy, we discussed how pushups improve your cardiovascular region. In that post, we gave a detailed analysis of how push-ups have a seriously positive effect on the body. One of which is that it improves the cardiovascular system.

We also highlighted how it strengthens your shoulders by giving them stability and strength. We also told you that push-ups protect the shoulders from injuries. During the course of the discussion, we made you understand that older people are very prone to get injured on the shoulder, and we also, revealed that this injury occurs more in the joints. We suggested that to reduce the possibility of getting injured in the shoulder you should consistently engage yourself in a push-up exercise.