Image: Li Sun

These days a lot of people are going into powerlifting. This could be as a result of the hype powerlifting has received in just a few years. Powerlifting to some embodies strength, while to others it helps in bodybuilding.

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However, since a good number of people are showing interest in powerlifting, it is best that we discuss it in clear terms; before you go full force into it start having a thorough body check by your doctor, get to know your strength, and weakness. In addition to knowing about your strength and weakness have a good trainer who will give you a quality training program. Follow his or her instructions carefully.

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As you follow the program you should be aware that development takes time, however, if your trainer has laid down some good programs for you to follow, you will see changes every three months. Also, we do encourage newbies to start with lesser heavyweights- grow from there into lifting super heavyweights, be consistent but take it easy with yourself, you don't have to do a 12 weeks program in 3 weeks.

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As you grow in powerlifting you add more weights; it is not going to be easy as you develop. Don't be deceived into believing all you see on TV or social media, they are not always right. There is no supersonic number of sets nor reps that will do the abracadabra for you, the key is consistency.