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High-intensity interval training which is mostly known as HIIT is, also, a very important way or method to lose weight. HIIT does not need you to spend countless hours in the gym focused on one method. Since HIIT is all about intensity and interval, for instance, you may choose to do a short sprint for every five (5) seconds. To some people, this may not work. However, what they don't know is that by doing a short sprint for every 5 seconds your heart rate will be able to beat faster, you will burn a lot of fat, sweat more, and clean up your lungs of toxic air.

Understanding How It Works
HIIT is the use of energy for short intense workout complimented with a low-intensity period of recovery. HIIT is a work and rest method that makes a very less time-consuming way to workout and lose weight. HIIT isn't only meant for sprinting, it is a method which can be used in all type of exercise for the body. 
In whatever way and exercise you choose to do, just have it in mind that HIIT works because of its vigorousness, that is, the intensity of the energy used. Resting is also, as important as the intense workout itself.

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The Most Important Thing About HIIT

The most important factor in HIIT exercise is the high level of intensity. HIIT is all about hard work, but you have to take it easy on yourself most especially if you are just starting to workout. For instance, a 10 to 20-second break for a 3 minutes jog can do the magic for you, but you have to be consistent in order to lose weight. To be honest with you: HIIT needs a bomblike attitude as you engage in workouts.

The 2 Major Rewards For Engaging In HIIT

Weight Loss

According to a recent study, about 424 overweight and obese adults were closely monitored as they engaged in HIIT workouts, and the result showed that HIIT can indeed help you lose weight and also, burn some calories.
HIIT Improves Your General Wellbeing
HIIT does more than just losing weight and burning calories. According to a study, HIIT helps in the reduction of both blood sugar levels and blood pressure in people with excess weight. Also, it stabilizes the heart rate.

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3 Ways To Engage In HIIT 

We have listed below 3 ways to engage in and still find fun in it:

Sprinting Interval

This can be done on the track and treadmill. All you have to do is to set the ball rolling with a jog which should last at least for 2 minutes, then increase your speed (sprint) for 15 seconds. Then switch to a walk like jog at least for 30 seconds then increase your speed.
Do this for 10 rounds and you would have accomplished a great deal of workout.

Sprint On The Bike

It doesn't matter if you are at home or in the gym if you can find a stationary bike then it is time to do some HIIT workout. While your feet are firmly placed on the pedal fast and hard as you can for at least 30 seconds. Be absolutely sure to have some minimal resistance set on the bike. Then pedal gently for a minute. Do this for at least 10 rounds.

Grab The Battle Ropes

Doing this should be simple but not easy. As you grab the ropes be extremely fast and excessively aggressive. Doing this will definitely increase your heart rate. Do this for a minimum of 40seconds and rest for a minute. Do it for 5 rounds.