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All over the world people add weight every second, and about one-third of these people can be comfortably described as "overweight."
However, the revise is the case for a lot of people who are struggling with adding a few pounds to their skinny bodies. So many people who find themselves in this category are losing or may have lost sleep over this.  The truth is, being underweight is as terrible as being overweight. You can never be comfortable and you won't lead a healthy life. Actually, a lot of people want to add some weight for very obvious reasons... They are too skinny.
 It is very important to know that underweight could be explained as having a body mass index (BMI) less than 19%

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However, in this post, we are going to outline clearly how you are going to add some weight in a very healthy and fast way, but, first, let us get to know what the dangers of being underweight are; being underweight has about 139.5% chance of causing death to men, on the other hand, it has over 100% chance of causing the death to women. Just like its opposite, obesity, it has almost 50% chances of leading to the death of obese people.  Source
Also,  there is an increase in (early) death for men who are underweight than women in the same category. This means that underweight men have higher chances of dying from underweight than women. In addition to that, being underweight lowers the strength of your body's immunity, and you will be very weak in the face of infections such as osteoporosis which can lead to infertility. Source  

Strong health reasons can lead to weight loss

Cancer: Cancer actually burns huge amounts of calories, and this can lead to loss of weight.
Diabetes: Diabetes (mainly type 1) can cause serious loss of weight.
Infections: Certainly, there are infections that can lead to serious loss of weight. Some of them are tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.
Eating disorders: This, has a lot to do with anorexia nervosa, a serious mental disorder.

Do not assume that you are skinny, underweight, or overweight because you are suffering from one disease to another. Always take responsibility by seeing your doctor most especially if you notice any change(s) in your body.

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Three healthy ways to gain weight:

Eat More Calories Than Your Body Needs

Taking in more calories than your burn is able to burn will go a long way in helping you gain more weight.

Make Proteinous Foods Your Best Friend

This is very important, protein boosts the muscle. Protein has a way of turning excess calories (fat) into strong muscles. Just be careful, as too much protein can easily decrease your level of appetite

Hit The Gym

Going to the gym is also very crucial if you want to gain some weight. Lifting heavy weights will give you strength and power to your muscles.

However, it is very important that you understand our bodies work differently, you may do all these, and yet there will no sign of weight being gained. So take it easy and be consistent, but visit your doctor before you engage yourself in weight gaining.